What is Transshopping?


Transshopping is a creative experiment, a unique new way to shop.

The process begins with the 'Shopper' (or 'Transshopper') carrying an object to a store / artist.
For example, a shirt or a robe.
The 'transformer' (artist) will create something new from it, can be a customization or a completely new design, considering the budget that the 'shopper' established and paid in advance.

Not just clothes!

Not only limited to clothes: any object, from lamps to turntables, electronics or even abstract concepts can be transformed, depending on what the artist/designer is specialized on.


Any styles!

There is no particular style associated with Transshopping! Every artist/designer has its own style and they can be completely different. The shopper will bring her/his Input to a transformer she or he chooses.

Transshopping example by Bis es mir vom Leibe fällt Berlin

The budget

The price (=budget) usually is determined by the Shopper and paid in advance.
The transformer then knows the scope to create something new with.
This is a flexible rule. For example some transformers might ask a minimum budget.

The idea

There is a peculiarity in the process: the 'shopper' can not decide what the 'transformer' will do with the object. There is complete artistic freedom. Similarly, the artist can not ask for a particular object. So the result will be a surprise. You will receive a new work of art, one customization or something that you would not even imagined, everything from a garment or object that had fallen into disuse.


The rules

The two clear rules are: the Transformer cannot tell the Shopper what item to bring, and the Shopper cannot tell the Transformer what to do with the item. There must be an element of surprise on both sides

These two key components distinguish Transshopping from conventional ways of creating and/or shopping:
- An external input by a client.
- The freedom of creation for the artist.

The fun

For Transshoppers it is the idea to influence or trigger a creative process

He/she supports local artists, has a change, and can give new life to things she/he does not want to throw away

For transformers the challenge leads to whole new ideas that make you amaze yourself.

'Because it is fun' (Diane, transformer)