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rag*treasure is RAGarella's "one grrrl" rag arts project. She re-designs everything that is usually considered as "unwearable":
broken guitar strings, membranes of scrapped hifi-speakers or paper bags for used tampons.
By combining different kinds of recycled materials, RAGarella alienates them from their original context and gives them a completely new meaning. Each textile design is a unicum and when worn her rag*treasure collages act as moveable images.

With her collection "Pantoffelheldin vs. Störenfrieda" she won the audience prize at the international fashion award "Baltic Fashion Award" in October 2005. In March 2006 she was invited to show her textile designs at the "Swatch Alternative Fashion Week" in London.

Besides designing and creating dress collages, RAGarella is also involved in some diy music projects. She is part of the Kafe Kult collective in Munich, which puts up indie/punk/hc shows and she also organizes radical sewing actions and material-mess-up-performances in the Munich underground.
Together with Laura, Hannah and Iliana she plays the drums, re-designed stereo-hifi vacuum cleaners, amplified sewing machines and typewriters in the indie-noise-trash combo beißpony.

with transshopping added to her portfolio a bunch of exciting new creations will add to this collection

rag*treasure can be visited by appointment (see contact on her website)
and is looking for a spot in Munich where transshopping can be handled more easily


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