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Needed: Your idea on Transshopping, inspired by 'Heroes Of The Future' ARTE TV feature with Diane

What is your idea, your inspiration of/through Transshopping?

Inspired by a German-French TV features portrait of Diane, a transformer in the Transshopping project as 'hero of the future' (among others) we want to continue the story to give a platform to ideas that you might have, interpreting the Transshopping concept.

Guitar Transformation

Guitar Transformation by Txus. Budget was about 70 EUR if I remember right.

Transshopping at Designparcour Frankfurt Höchst

The designparcours is taking place twice a year, 7 times so far.
The last has been in Nov 2015 and the next probably in June or July 2016
Several empty shops and similar places are temporarily recruited for a festival of designers and to promote the area.

Transshopping has been part of all editions of the Designparcours Frankfurt Hoechst since December 2012

ein paar erste möbeltransformationen...

die fotos zeigen unter anderem einen neu designten halbhohen schrank (und ihren ausgangszustand), einen beistelltisch, und einen barhocker

exhibition Istanbul December 2007

Here are pictures of my Transshopping art exhibition Istanbul December 2007. Unfortunately there were problems with the landlord so I could not stay in the place.
Exhibition items are now at Kop Art Istanbul.

new: Transshopping in Istanbul: Seda Umar

flyer arka.JPG

Seda Umar is an adventurous multi-talented artist, doing both, fashion design and art transformations.

After spending her time in other parts of the world (and on a boat) and an exhibition in Frankfurt she now has returned to Istanbul and the opening date of her new atelier with Transshopping is set for December 27+28, 2007.

look here

Istanbul Transshopping December 27+28

Yeni Resim.JPG

Transshopping + Moda + Resim + Dönüştürülmüş Eşya Sergisi
27-28 Aralık
27.12 19:00
Müzik : Sanchez
27.12 19:00
28.12 19:00
İstiklal Caddesi, Büyükparmakkapı Sokak. Tuna Apt. No:15 Kat:5

Transshopping + Fashion + Picture + Transformed Furniture Exhibition
28 December
27.12 19:00
Music : Sanchez
Visiting Hours:
27.12 19:00
28.12 19:00

Muzur Transshopping Exhibition Istanbul-Frankfurt

images of my exhibition at the e57 in Frankfurt with samples from transformed clothes, transformed pictures and paintings and even transformed ikea tables...