Transshopping on TV

There are various TV clips on Transshopping, most involving Dianes interpretation of Transshopping.
She has many of them collected on her site
two from HR, one from RTL, there's another one from RTL which is not focussed on Transshopping

Fashion Event Mexico DF


here's the flyer from my fashion event next week...

new transformer: Edith Pons

Edith Pons
Visual Artist //// Designer > web, graphic & fashion ........................................ ///// CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES! *(^-^)*

Edith Pons does both, art and fashion designs.
Her fascinating sculptures can be seen on her webpage, others on her myspace page.

Diane's new studio 'Frauenkluft' has opened in Frankfurt


Diane Terodde's new studio 'Frauenkluft' has opened Nov 3rd in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen Wallstr.26.
Here she will perform Transshopping and sell her own designs or rather fashion art results.
She has uploaded pictures of her opening here