Transshopping news: Transshopping at Stijl Mainz, on radio program, and in TV feature


didn't find time for posting stories (a heap of photos is waiting!), but Transshopping is growing and here are some news:

transshopping has been on another TV feature and will be special guest on the Stijl exhibition and festival as well as explaining the concept on radio the coming weekends.

here are the details and links:

there are some TV features on Transshopping the way Diane interprets it.
so best is I link to her site from here. there you can find the videos:

Transshopping will be part of the Stijl Mainz summer 2011 festival and fair for fashion, sport, and design. June 25/26 2011.

Ifuz will be on a radio program this Sunday (June 19) at Radio X Frankfurt between 4 and 5 pm to introduce the concept.

don't forget: transshopping is not only about clothes!
and: you can become part of the experiment as client or transformer!