Transshopping at Freibank Fashion Fair in Frankfurt

Transshopping has been invited to contribute with its special concept to this years Frankfurt fashion event, the Freibank Fashion Fair.

Date is March 14th-16th 2008

It is Diane Terodde who will introduce Transshopping at the event with the specially taylored
'Instant Transshopping'.
Visitors can bring clothing items, which will be subject to a quick transformation for the special event price of 15 Euros.

For all other visitors the Transshopping area has interesting features as well: besides exhibition samples to demonstrate the possibilities of the concept, (gift) coupons can be purchased, which can be converted after the fair at any time at Diane Terodde's shop.

In addition visitors can try their creativity at a little interactive art experiment of the Experimental bureau e57.

link to the fair:
Carl-Benz-Straße 21
60386 Frankfurt am Main