Transshopping in Barcelona

Barcelona is a wonderful place for Transshopping experiments. You will find people open to experiments and a huge hub for all kinds of creativity.
Different styles, different crafts and a variety of conceptualizations make it a perfect biotope for experiments with the Transshopping idea.

Transshopping ideas: A therapy for depressed pets and animals!

Who does not know that?
Scared and depressed pets, once loved, then forgotten in boxes, stuffed together with evil lions, tigers, bears, and crocodiles.

The e57 takes your ugly duck and makes it Captain Supereagle again!

Transshopping ideas: Diana: Transform a whole shop!

Diana, Graphic designer from Frankfurt. (

Why don't we/YOU find a whole shop to be transformed.
And then ask a group of transformers to do it (students, various artists?).

Needed: Your idea on Transshopping, inspired by 'Heroes Of The Future' ARTE TV feature with Diane

What is your idea, your inspiration of/through Transshopping?

Inspired by a German-French TV features portrait of Diane, a transformer in the Transshopping project as 'hero of the future' (among others) we want to continue the story to give a platform to ideas that you might have, interpreting the Transshopping concept.

Transshopping at Designparcour Frankfurt Höchst

The designparcours is taking place twice a year, 7 times so far.
The last has been in Nov 2015 and the next probably in June or July 2016
Several empty shops and similar places are temporarily recruited for a festival of designers and to promote the area.

Transshopping has been part of all editions of the Designparcours Frankfurt Hoechst since December 2012

Transshopping news: Transshopping at Stijl Mainz, on radio program, and in TV feature


didn't find time for posting stories (a heap of photos is waiting!), but Transshopping is growing and here are some news:

transshopping has been on another TV feature and will be special guest on the Stijl exhibition and festival as well as explaining the concept on radio the coming weekends.

here are the details and links:

Transshopping Day June 27th/28th Frankfurt


Although this is a local event I post it in English as well, so that those an see it, too, who have chosen English as the site's language:

Parallel to the famous 'Bergerstrassen Fest' festivity in Frankfurt you will be able to find (temporary) asylum in the Experimental Bureau where we have a little event as well.

'Transshopping Day' will be a main focus

Transshopping at Freibank Fashion Fair in Frankfurt

Transshopping has been invited to contribute with its special concept to this years Frankfurt fashion event, the Freibank Fashion Fair.

Date is March 14th-16th 2008

It is Diane Terodde who will introduce Transshopping at the event with the specially taylored

new: Transshopping in Istanbul: Seda Umar

flyer arka.JPG

Seda Umar is an adventurous multi-talented artist, doing both, fashion design and art transformations.

After spending her time in other parts of the world (and on a boat) and an exhibition in Frankfurt she now has returned to Istanbul and the opening date of her new atelier with Transshopping is set for December 27+28, 2007.

look here

Istanbul Transshopping December 27+28

Yeni Resim.JPG

Transshopping + Moda + Resim + Dönüştürülmüş Eşya Sergisi
27-28 Aralık
27.12 19:00
Müzik : Sanchez
27.12 19:00
28.12 19:00
İstiklal Caddesi, Büyükparmakkapı Sokak. Tuna Apt. No:15 Kat:5

Transshopping + Fashion + Picture + Transformed Furniture Exhibition
28 December
27.12 19:00
Music : Sanchez
Visiting Hours:
27.12 19:00
28.12 19:00