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Example for Sabine's creations and transformations

A rare case of having made photos after AND before. (usually this is forgotten)
First photo is before, then in progress and finally the result!
However - you should definitively take a look on her website to see the unique style and quality of her designs:

Transshopping in Barcelona

Barcelona is a wonderful place for Transshopping experiments. You will find people open to experiments and a huge hub for all kinds of creativity.
Different styles, different crafts and a variety of conceptualizations make it a perfect biotope for experiments with the Transshopping idea.

Transshopping ideas: correct wrong shirts

Sometimes shirts (and clothes) are simply wrong and need correction

Transshopping ideas: Help the poor football fans

All football fans suffer.
They have to run around in that terrible shirts of their club, making promotion for ridiculous companies and products.
Whether it is Qatar (FC Barcelona) or T-Com (Bayern), despised banks or bad food, it is ridiculous to run around in a shirt that says big 'Walmart' or something like that and not the name of the club.

Gesucht: Deine Idee mit Transshopping, zum Helden Der Zukunft ARTE feature mit Diane

Gesucht: Deine Idee zu Transshopping

Inspiriert vom Film 'Helden der Zukunft' von Anja Krug-Metzinger (Arte 2015) in dem Diane, Transformerin, mit Transshopping zu sehen war, wollen wir die dort angefangene Geschichte weiterzustricken:

Überleg Dir eine Idee zu Transshopping und schick sie uns, am einfachsten in einer kurzen Webcam oder Videobotschaft. Wir stellen sie dann vor.

some transformations

some transformations Anna did at Berger Str. event

5 Jahre Frauenkluft Wallstr. Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen mit Transshopping

Nicht alles auf diesen Bildern sind Transshopping Aufträge. Aber es gibt einen Einblick in den Stil von Frauenkluft über die Zeit...