Transshopping in Barcelona

Barcelona is a wonderful place for Transshopping experiments. You will find people open to experiments and a huge hub for all kinds of creativity.
Different styles, different crafts and a variety of conceptualizations make it a perfect biotope for experiments with the Transshopping idea.

Transshopping ideas: A therapy for depressed pets and animals!

Who does not know that?
Scared and depressed pets, once loved, then forgotten in boxes, stuffed together with evil lions, tigers, bears, and crocodiles.

The e57 takes your ugly duck and makes it Captain Supereagle again!

Transshopping ideas: Diana: Transform a whole shop!

Diana, Graphic designer from Frankfurt. (

Why don't we/YOU find a whole shop to be transformed.
And then ask a group of transformers to do it (students, various artists?).

Istanbul Transshopping December 27+28

Yeni Resim.JPG

Transshopping + Moda + Resim + Dönüştürülmüş Eşya Sergisi
27-28 Aralık
27.12 19:00
Müzik : Sanchez
27.12 19:00
28.12 19:00
İstiklal Caddesi, Büyükparmakkapı Sokak. Tuna Apt. No:15 Kat:5

Transshopping + Fashion + Picture + Transformed Furniture Exhibition
28 December
27.12 19:00
Music : Sanchez
Visiting Hours:
27.12 19:00
28.12 19:00

season greetings in the spirit of a relaxed x-mas

x-mas 2007.jpg

In my dark and deep fantasies where white turns into black,
i met the apocalyptic snowman and his x-mas-slave santa chlor.
they tried to send christmas to hell...
but not with me!
i took my camera, light and action to beat them. they had no way
out. forced to live in an ordinary fotography from now on.
so, ... my friends don t rub your monitor or this card!!!

Fashion Event Mexico DF


here's the flyer from my fashion event next week...